Posted Workers Directive

We manage your posting certificates for workers

The service of managing of posting certificates for workers involved in freight and passenger transport in France, Germany and Austria.

To work without worries in foreign countries and to avoid expensive penalties, trust in our high qualified professionals who will take care of the submission of certificates and will support you with related issues. This service is for trucking companies that load and unload freight and passengers abroad.

Posted workers in Austria

We assist transport companies in the dispatch of certificates for posting workers in Austria. The dispatch of the certificates allows non-resident companies in Austria to comply with the EU Posted Workers Directive.

Posted workers in France

We help freight and passenger transport companies to send posting certificates for workers or representation documentation in France. Our service lets your company comply with the Posted Workers Directive (Macron Law).

Posted workers in Germany

We offer consulting to companies that need assistance for the dispatch of posting certificates for workers in the German territory. The service allows non-resident companies in Germany to comply with the Posted Workers Directive (MiLoG - Mindestlohngesetz).