Posted Workers Directive in Austria

We can be your referement in Austria

The consulting service for digital transmission of certificates of posted drivers carrying goods and passengers on Austrian territory.

The dispatch service for posting certificates allows these non-resident companies in Austria to comply with the Posted Workers Directive. Non-compliance with the provisions relating to the posting of drivers and lack of documents is subject to fines.

The service includes:

  • Form completion and online submission of certificates for employee;

  • Constant updates of any changes regarding posting laws in Austria.

Who is it for?

The EU Posted Workers Directive is for freight companies and passenger transport companies that are not resident in Austria and that load and unload goods and passengers in Austria.
The Austrian law provides:

  • Completion and online dispatch of the posting certificate for employees before departure;

  • Keeping the following documents in the German language on board the vehicle:

    • Notification of posting (ZKO3-T);

    • Communication of the social security institution A1/E101;

    • Summary of hours worked in Austria;

    • Employment contract (namely "Dienstzettel").

  • The following documents (in German language) have to be kept on file in the company’s registered office and shown on request:

    • Paycheck;

    • Summary of hours worked in Austria;

    • Receipts of wage payment or the completion of the bank transfer;

    • Documentation about the salary scale;

    • Guarantee of base salary provided for by the National Contract for road transport in Austria;

    • Guarantee of compliance with the rules of the sector, relating to the duration of work, rest times and extra work.


These documents shall be submitted upon request of the authorities.
The posted workers certificates are only drawn up and transmitted digitally.