Posted Workers Directive in Germany

Comply with the German Posted Workers Directive

Consulting service for the web dispatch of certificates of drivers posted to Germany for freight and passenger transport companies.

With the support of a team of qualified and native speaker professionals, we guarantee that transport companies not resident in Germany are in compliance with the Posted Workers Act (MiLoG - Mindestlohngesetz) in order to avoid heavy fines.

Who is it for?

Freight companies and passenger transport companies not resident in Germany carrying out loading or unloading on German territory.
The Posted Workers Directive in Germany provides in detail:

  • Completion and online submission of the posting certificate for employees;

  • Storage of the following documents in German in the company’s registered office and upon request provided to authorities:

    • A copy of the submitted certificate;

    • Employment contract;

    • Paycheck and proof of payment;

    • Time sheet to record the daily working hours and to be kept compulsorily for 24 months.

  • Guarantee of base salary foreseen by the National Collective Contract for road transport;

  • Guarantee of compliance with the rules of the sector, relating to the duration of work and rest times.