Posted Workers Directive in France

We support you in the French regulations framework

We offer consulting to freight and passenger transport companies that need assistance for the submission of posting certificates and for representation in France.

We offer ourselves as representatives in France for freight companies and passenger transport companies that are not resident in France. From 1 July 2016, companies have the obligation to comply with the new provisions for the posting of foreign drivers and the appointment of a representative linked to Macron Law.

Our service

With the support of specialised native speakers we guarantee a complete consulting service that includes:

  • Storage and transmission of the posting certificate and all the related attachments for each driver;

  • Document management and relations with French authorities during the period of validity of the certificate and for the following 18 months;

  • Submission of all documents (provided by the customer in French) to the authorities, in case of explicit request.


Our service allows you to be in compliance with the Macron Law (Loi Macron) in order to avoid heavy penalties.

In this regard, the Macron Law provides:

  • Provision of the posting certificate for employees before the departure through the Teleservice SIPSI digital platform;

  • Storage of posting certificate on the vehicle and in the representative’s office;

  • Storage of the employment contract on board the vehicle;

  • Storage of A1 Form on board the vehicle, certifying the registration at the social security body of the State of Origin;

  • Guarantee of base salary foreseen by the National Collective Contract for road transport;

  • Guarantee of compliance with the rules of the sector, relating to the duration of work and rest times.


The representation is valid for 18 months from the date of issue of the posting certificate.

The service of transmission and representation for the posted workers is customised according to your specific needs.