Fleet Management and Localisation

Our innovative software

We have created a cutting-edge software program for the management and localisation of company fleets, accessible from the desktop and mobile devices: Fleet.

Fast and easy to use, Fleet relays in real time the data collected to connected devices (tablet, smart phone and desktop) thanks to satellite web tools - both GPS and GSM/GPRS - installed on the vehicle.

Who is it for?

For anyone who needs to monitor vehicles’ activity status (engine on/off) and their routes so as to reduce operating costs, as well as companies that incur high costs due to significant fuel consumption, fuel wastage or diesel thefts. Fleet enables you to monitor the whole fleet by checking the detailed tracking data.

Once the period of reference has been selected, Fleet provides you with a detailed report of the vehicle’s activities and it will alert you by text message or email about car tax, filter changes, oil changes, washing, inspection and refuelling.

Fleet works with the support of GPS tracking devices: the device will detect the position of your vehicles in real time, the points of interest are placed directly on the map and are continuously updated to quickly display the state of the vehicles.

Thanks to detailed reports, downloadable in PDF, Fleet provides a complete and always accessible status of your vehicles, with additional services and benefits depending on the plan you choose: Light, Smart or Globe.



Fleet Light allows you to track:

  • Vehicles position;

  • Routes;

  • Travel time;

  • Speed;

  • Engine status (on/off).



Fleet Smart, in addition to the Light features, includes:

  • Alarm Management following reports from the customer to the central office, operating 24 h;

  • Alarms Management generated by emergency button.

You can access to all this data and reports through the web interface or the app with your own credentials.



Fleet Globe gives you all the Smart features plus:

  • Alarms Management with automatic reporting or with direct call by the Operations Center h24;

  • Crash alarm management.


If you select Fleet Smart or Globe, you will have access to two additional services: Driving Style and Operator Recognition with Badge or RFID.



Thanks to the Driving Style service it is possible to monitor fleet fuel consumption in real time with a complete fuel sensor: average consumption, distance travelled, average speed.



A system that associates the driver to a badge or RFID for the identification and the use of fleet vehicles.