Direct identification and Tax Representation

Comply with the current regulations

Direct identification is regulated by European Directive 2000/65/EC, now under article 204 et seq. of the European Directive 2006/112/EC, to overcome the need to build a stable organisation or the obligation to nominate a fiscal representative, in the event a non-resident entity carries out VAT relevant transactions in the territory of another Member State.

We guarantee consulting for all your EU VAT positions in the various countries within the European Community.
Management is centralised in order to have access to a complete and updated history of requests at any time.
Our tax representation service allows you to work with one of our consultants qualified in:

  • Tax reference;

  • Local VAT legislation;

  • VAT compliances;

  • Management of payments to foreign VAT authorities;

  • VAT refund application.


We manage the EU VAT position of your e-Commerce company

We act as partners with companies doing long-distance sales to guide them in the new European legal framework. In fact, companies are required to register in countries where turnover thresholds are exceeded. We provide for the opening and management of EU VAT positions in the countries where your e-commerce sales exceeds the established thresholds.
We work in all product sectors.

We offer you personalised consulting also for sales activities through Amazon. If your goods are moved to a warehouse in another EU country you are required to promptly open a tax position in that country, regardless of the turnover threshold.

You will have a single contact person for all your active EU VAT positions and you will be informed in real time on the fiscal management of your e-commerce.

We help you to comply with the regulations for wines and spirits e-Commerce companies

We provide the opening of VAT positions for companies concerned with remote sales of wines and spirits. Working with our consultants means having a complete and reliable service.

Our tax consulting service for remote sales of alcohol allows you to work with professionals highly skilled in international tax matters, opening VAT positions in European countries where the opening of a EU VAT position is required regardless of the turnover threshold.

We take care of the opening and the management of VAT IDs and we offer ourselves as global partners to solve unforeseen situations related to the online sales of goods subject to excise tax. You will be constantly supported by a sole referent for your online sales management in Europe.