Excise Duty Refund on Heavy Machinery


Since 10 years, Tecno Company works in the excise duty field and offers a complete consultancy service which enables the companies using heavy-machineries (excavators, dumpers, power shovels) to obtain the refund of excise on the gas oil used.

Tax exemption on gas oil can be requested by all companies using fixed and/or self-propelled heavy-machineries, as those operating in the building, port, extractive, mining, manufacturing, waste disposal and materials recovery sector.


Thanks to its experience over the years with all competent local offices, Tecno Company offers a specialized consulting service for the obtaining of tax reliefs on gas oil ensuring reliable results in short time and without any initial cost.
The compensations are corresponded exclusively at the obtaining of the refund.

Tecno Company is concerned with the whole technical administrative process through:

  • Free evaluation of the technical-economic feasibility of the relief;

  • Supplying, where requested, of equipment suitable to quantify consumptions;

  • Presentation of the request for the benefit supplied with a report signed by a qualified technician;

  • Accounting screening;

  • Possible technical inspection on the sites;

  • Formulation, drafting and presentation of periodic refund claim.