About Us

Who we are

Tecno Company is a brand of Tecno Accise Srl, a company specialised in consulting on fuel excise duty refunds.
We help companies to reduce costs and get tax relief.
Our services include:

  • No initial procedure costs;

  • Free feasibility study;

  • Initial free consultancy;

  • Preparing of periodical refund application;

  • Continuous technical/administrative assistance;

  • Direct contacts with administrative authority;

  • Rapid and certain refunds.


Why choose us

Save on fuel consumption costs


The fuel excise duty refund service ensures your company the complete management of the refund procedure, quickly and with no initial costs.


Customer Service


Our team has the best professionals in the business, highly qualified in tax refunds and constantly in contact with the Customs Authority. We help your company to get the refund, customising our service to meet your needs.




More than 10,000 procedures and constant updating form the foundation of our company and have allowed us to grow over time, becoming a leader in the sector.